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The Spetses Summer School is a unique educational and networking opportunity for graduate students and postdocs, in a relaxing and fun beach environment. Spetses Island in Greece is not only the perfect location to meet colleagues and discuss science, but also to find a new postdoc or meet your new employer. Hence, Spetses Summer Schools are extremely popular among and useful for both students and instructors. A very special feature are the “dine-with-the-PI” events, where students can enjoy dinner with one of the speakers and chat in an informal setting about nearly anything (science, life and life-science). These dinners are an excellent way to get to know the speakers a little better and to foster personal relationships that extend beyond the classroom or laboratory, hopefully benefiting the students in their academic and professional careers. This year we are focusing on the interplay between chromatin and metabolism.


Official arrival day: Saturday, 25th August, 2018

Official departure day: Friday, 31st August, 2018*

* Please note that the Summer School lasts until the evening of Thursday, August 30th when the farewell dinner and the beach party take place. There will be no talks on Friday.


Anargyrios & Korgialenios School (Students & Postdocs)

Spetses Hotel (Instructors)


The closest airport to Spetses island is Athens International Airport (ATH, commonly also initialised as AIA). From there one can take the Athens Airport Bus X96 to Piraeus port, which takes about 90 min depending on the traffic. Get off at Karaiskaki Square (ΠΛ. ΚΑΡΑΙΣΚΑΚΗ)

Alternatively, Piraeus can also be reached by metro – take the (blue) line 3 and change at Monastiraki station (ΜΟΝΑΣΤΗΡΑΚΙ) to the (green) line 1 to Piraeus (ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ).

From Piraues a high-speed ferry, i.e. the Hellenic Seaways’ Flying Dolphin or Flying Cat reaches Spetses within 2-3 hrs.

Only on the official arrival (25.08.2018) and departure (31.08.2018) days, shuttle busses will be organised for the participants (at three different time points, see schedule below) that will take them from the airport (arrivals area A1) through the Peloponnese to the tiny port of Kosta (about 3.5 hrs). From there little Kaiki boats will bring you to Spetses.

School Bus Shuttle departure times:

on arrival day (Saturday, 25.08.2018) departure from Athens Airport Arrival area 1 at:

  • 13:00
  • 14:30
  • 16:00 (only, if you miss the one at 14:30)

on departure day (Friday, 31.08.2018) departure from Kosta at:

  • 7:00
  • 9:00
  • 11:00

More information to follow.

Speaker List

  • Susan Abmayr, Stowers Institute
  • Asifa Akhtar, MPI Freiburg
  • Tilman Borggrefe, Giessen University
  • Marcus Buschbeck, IJC Barcelona
  • Carles Cantó, NIHS
  • Ana Conesa, BioBam
  • Tobias Dreker, 4SC AG
  • Jorge Ferrer, Imperial College
  • Wolfgang Fischle, KAUST
  • Clarissa Gerhäuser, DKFZ Heidelberg
  • Axel Imhof, LMU
  • Nicola Iovino, MPI Freiburg
  • Manfred Jung, Freiburg University
  • Cigall Kadoch, HMS
  • Andreas Ladurner, LMU
  • Carla Margulies, LMU
  • Jane Mellor, Chronos
  • Eran Meshorer, HUJI
  • Raul Mostoslavsky, HMS
  • Valerio Orlando, KAUST
  • Paul Pfluger, Helmholtz Center Munich

  • Catherine Postic, Institut Cochin
  • Oren Ram, HUJI
  • Karsten Rippe, DKFZ Heidelberg
  • Roland Schüle, Freiburg University Medical Centre
  • Raffaele Teperino, Helmholtz Center Munich
  • Peter Tessarz, MPI Cologne
  • Michiel Vermeulen, Radboud University
  • Kerstin Wendt, EMC Rotterdam
  • Jerry Workman, Stowers Institute
  • Oscar Yanes, Rovira i Virgili University

Registration Fee

Students/PostDocs: 450 EUR

Academics: 600 EUR

Industry: 750 EUR


  • Attendance at all sessions
  • Accommodation at Anargyrios & Korgialenios School, Spetses (AKSS); Arrival on 25th August and departure on 31st August
  • Breakfasts at AKSS 26th-31st August
  • Lunches 26th – 30th August
  • Tea/coffee breaks during course
  • 25th August – Light Buffet Dinner
  • 30th August – Farewell Dinner
  • Boat excursion
  • Airport shuttles (bus and boat combo) on arrival (25th August, afternoon) and departure (31st August, morning)


Every participant is expected to present a poster. Appropriate abstracts must be submitted online already during the registration process.

More information to follow.